Cleaning, Surface Engineering and Adhesion Promotion of Plastics Rubbers Metals and more!

Enhancing Your Environment

We at HTS seek to apply Vacuum Plasma Technology as a Hybrid solution across the full breadth of engineering industries

The Potential of Gas Plasma

RF vacuum Plasma, an environmentally friendly process that can enhance many manufacturing enviroments. Some of the benefits of Plasma processing are: Discover how our range of Vacuum Plasma Equipment or our Subcontract Service  can benefit your manufacturing process and environment.

Examples of RF Plasma Solutions

  • Cleaning:- Dry process cleaning, Non CFC, Non Aqueous, Organic Removal, De-greasing Bonding Enhancement, Adhesion Promotion
  • De-contamination:- Chemical, Ionic, Biological and Nuclear, Surface or Gas Borne
  • Surface Engineering:- Molecular Enhancement, Adhesion Promotion, Surface Activation, Wettability, Hydrophobicity, Increased Surface Energy, Surface Radicalization, Enhanced Affinity of Materials, Changing Surface Properties and Characteristics
  • Adhesion Promotion:- Bonding Enhancement for Paints, Glues, Inks, Coatings, Dielectric and Films
  • Electronics:- Interconnection, Switch Contact Improvement, PCB Desmearing & Etchback,, Flex Layer Cleaning, Solder Mask Residue, Cleaning, Ball Grid Array, Gold Wire Bonding, Ultra Cleaning, Solder Mask Adhesion Promotion, Screen Printing Adhesion Promotion, Contamination Removal,
  • Medical:- Catheters, Balloons, Syringes, Needle Hubs, Pacemakers, Intraocular Lenses, Blood Filters
  • Plastics and Rubber:- Surface Wettability,  Surface Activation, Adhesion Promotion, Fluorination, O'ring Cleaning, Seal cleaning, Gasket Cleaning, Rubber to Metal Bonding, Plastic to Metal bonding
  • Automotive:- CFC replacement,Paint bonding, Lacquer bonding, De-greasing, Component Cleaning, Adhesion of transfers, Engine Mountings, R-W bonds
  • Optical:- Moisture Removal, Contamination Removal, Cleaning and Bonding
  • General Engineering:- Roll-to-Roll Processing of Film and Fabrics, Teflon-PTFE Processing, Composite Material Processing, Final Cleaning of Assemblies, PVC Pipe Bonding, Deposition of Specialty Materials

    About HTS Ltd

    HTS is an independent company which has been providing a subcontract plasma service for over ten years. During this time we have established a reputation for technical excellence in the application of plasma for a multitude of materials and components.

    HTS are the UK representative for Advanced Plasma Systems Inc. part of the Nordson Plasma Group, which encompasses March Instruments.

    These Nordson partners, manufacture a wide range of vacuum plasma machines, from small bench top units, to large reel to reel machines, suitable for many engineering requirements.

    Our "can do" customer focus, enables us to meet the today's industrial challenges, with the solutions of the future. Contact our sales department and allow HTS to tailor a plasma solution to enhance your product and environment.



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