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HTS Ltd. are the UK representative for Advanced Plasma Systems Inc. of the USA who manufacture a wide range of vacuum plasma equipment, from small bench top units to large reel to reel machines, suitable for any engineering requirement.

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  • Minimal operating costs, uses only a very small quantity of source gas
  • Suilbtable for almost any manufacturing environment (cleanroom compatible)
  • Fully computerized control system, requires little operator input
  • Exhaust gas scrubbers also available
  • Custom designs available for any requirement
  • With our extensive experience in the application development, process tailoring and equipment service of this product range, you can be assured that we will provide your manufacturing industry with the best plasma solution.


    Designed for the printed circuit board industry for desmear, etchback, teflon-PTFE and blind and micro via applications. The PCB models are sized to compliment common drilling room practices so that the chamber loads are multiples of four.

    The plasma system is designed to ensure optimised process uniformity. Even gas dispersion is achieved through an innovative chamber design,  with gas flow reversal during processing which ensures all panels are exposed to the same environment. of a component is exposed to the same environment. The optional Rototrak system takes uniformity to a new level by providing mechanical motion of the products through a plasma field. Innovative optimised electrode design ensures ionization. Complementing the Hardware is a fully computerized, simple to use control system which monitors and controls the process and provides SPC data.
    The PCB/PWB series is designed for the following applictaions:

  • Desmear
  • Etch-Back
  • Blind Via Formation
  • Interlayer Adhesive Promotion
  • Resist/Emulsion Removal
  • Solder Preparation
  • Wire Bond Preparation
  • Ultra Cleaning
  • Screen Printing Adhesion Promotion
  • Conformal coating removal
  • R-Series

    The standard R-series machine can accommodate webs up to 60 inches  in width and up to any production length. Machines can be customized for any particular sizes and  requirements. Processing or dwell time is computer controlled. System design is such that minimal operator interface is required for plasma processing. Plasma offers a safe, efficient, and cost effective process compared to conventional wet processes and mechanical techniques. This equipment is specifically designed to:
  • Enhance surface tension
  • Improve Wettability
  • Increase bond strength
  • D-Series

  •  Smaller size, ideal for R & D
  • Treats materials of any reasonable length
  • Manual microprocessor or P2CIM computer controlled
  • Complete system packages available


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