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 What is Plasma ?

Natural Occurring Plasma

Plasma is a naturally occurring phenomena, on our planet plasma occurs naturally as lightning, and as the aurora-borialis. In space the internal material of suns and nebulae are considered to be in a plasma state.

Plasma definition

Plasma cannot be described as a solid liquid or a gas, and is often referred to as the forth state of matter. Plasma occurs when gas atoms are ionized. An atom is ionized when it is exposed to high enough energy to knock an electron out of its covalent bond.
This impact also creates a release of photons, light energy that then causes luminescence, or glow from the plasma, a common application of this is fluorescent strip or neon light.
When an atom is ionized it is said to be charged and stays in that state until recombination, (with an electron,) occurs and it returns to a neutral state. A true plasma is charged both positively and negatively and these charges create currents or magnetic fields within the plasma, these fields can be manipulated to provide beneficial effects for a variety of applications.

      How does plasma benefit our environment ?

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